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Two tradesman enjoying their lunchbreak
$5.5M recovered from fraudulent transfer

Coalition worked with law enforcement to recover $5.5M from an international bank account and covered an additional $500K in FTF.

Dentist showing mouth xray to patient
Dental office avoids ransom payment

A nationwide dental office restored from backups when they were hit with ransomware — Coalition helped cover their business interruption costs.

Financial firm executives analysing risk on their laptop
Firm recovers $3.5M without filing a claim

Coalition worked with a financial firm’s bank to recover all but $405 of $3.5M of fraudulently transferred funds.

steel manufacturer in the workshop
Manufacturer avoids paying ransom

Coalition Incident Response worked with law enforcement to source the decryption keys for this manufacturer—allowing them to recover without paying the ransom.

non profit executive smiling in a brightly lit office
Nonprofit suffers cryptojacking event

Coalition’s Service Fraud coverage helped a nonprofit after a threat actor mined cryptocurrencies on their dime.

Tech company team discussing cyber risks
Tech company combats social engineering scam

Two threat actors worked in tandem to trick this company’s bank into authorizing transactions totaling nearly $500,000.

executives on a zoom call discussing cyber threats
Financial firm minimizes ransom payout

When an asset management firm’s partner saw their name on the dark web, the pressure was on the firm to pay its ransom to protect the partner’s data.

Mechanic working on a machine
Manufacturer resumes operations after data compromise

A manufacturer worked with Coalition Incident Response to negotiate a ransom when they couldn’t fully restore from backups.

Lawyer working with Coalition on the phone
Law firm battles ransomware

A law firm came to terms with Coalition Incident Response negotiating their ransom when they learned sensitive client data had been exfiltrated.

Real estate agent showing a house to a couple
Compromised vendor leads to fraudulent transfer

A property manager’s bookkeeping vendor experienced an email compromise that led to $180,000 in funds transfer fraud losses.

Councilor signing documents
Breach coverage allows municipality to investigate early

When a municipality had suspicious EDR alerts, they contacted Coalition to help them discover any nefarious activity.

Lawyer brooding over cyber claims
Law firm fully covered after funds transfer fraud

A fake client scammed a law firm into a fraudulent transfer, which was covered by their Funds Transfer Fraud coverage.

Healthcare officer looking at data on the computer
Significant losses covered for medical office

A medical office had nearly $800k in losses from a ransomware attack covered by Coalition.

IT team looking over cyber risks
Phishing attacks trigger claims

Three different companies experienced claims that started with phishing attacks.

Manufacturer in a workshop
Pet supply manufacturer avoids deibilitating ransom losses

After negotiating a ransom payment, a manufacturer didn’t receive decryption keys and spent three weeks restoring from backups.

Carpenter working on the flooring
Construction company finds breach source with CIR

A construction company’s Invoice Manipulation coverage was triggered when an employee’s compromised email enabled a threat actor to steal a $56,000 invoice payment.

Tech company employee looking over cyber risks on the laptop
Bitcoin ransom resolved in 48 hours with CIR

A ransomware attack encrypted all of a colocation and IT services firm’s computer systems and data, including their backups.

Card transaction over the counter
Tech company has full funds recovery after spoofed email

A company wired $200,000 to a hacker impersonating their CFO. Coalition recovered $150,000 within 24 hours of receiving the call, and their insurance policy covered the rest.

Two employees in a meeting taking notes
Industrial manufacturer recovers from production line attack

A hacker gained remote control of a manufacturer’s industrial control systems that controlled their production line, damaging production equipment and in-process components.

Security training for healthcare company
Security trainings used for entire organization

A healthcare company uses Coalition’s included Employee Security Training and simulated phishing emails with every member of their staff.

Two men working on their laptop
Nonprofit narrowly avoids $1.3M loss

A threat actor facilitated two large transfers totaling nearly $1.3 million by spoofing a nonprofit’s legitimate domain.

alcohol manufacturer working on the production floor
Business interruption costs covered after industrial system attack

An alcohol manufacturer was hit with a $2.3 million ransom, resulting in damaged machinery and business interruption.

Woman at the checkout counter of a cosmetic store
Toy retailer wards off DDoS attacks

A threat actor was taking a toy retailer’s store offline every day. Coalition uncovered an old firewall rule that was letting them in.

Healthcare worker looking at a clipboard
CIR negotiates ransom for healthcare company

Without uncompromised backups, ransomware victims may have to pay their attackers, but Coalition can help negotiate lower demands.

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