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Prevent more cyber incidents and respond faster to attacks

Coalition's Managed Detection & Response (MDR)* and security services combine industry-leading cyber technology and expertise to provide powerful risk prevention and response.

Security solutions tailored for small and medium businesses

With digital threats constantly evolving, you need solutions that work and scale with your teams, tools, and strategies. Coalition Security Services provides you with the expertise, technology, and solutions to help respond and recover faster, minimize impact, and prevent future attacks.

Learn more about our approach with "A Security Leader's Guide to Scaling Threat Detection & Response."


Round-the-clock threat detection & response

When cybercriminals strike, our approach helps accelerate your company’s recovery efforts

and significantly reduce Mean-Time-to-Detect (MTTD) and Mean-Time-to-Respond (MTTR).

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24/7/365 monitoring and response

Our continuous threat detection and response helps you act faster while minimizing operational disruption and impact.
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Expert remediation

Our teams do more than monitor — they fight cyber attacks every day and use that expertise to respond to and remediate threats quickly to help you stay protected.
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Industry-leading technologies

We combine our expertise and EDR, XDR, and other technologies to help you monitor your threat surface to help minimize the impact of incidents and prevent the most advanced cyber attacks.
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Affordable and scalable

Built for small and midsize businesses, our solutions scale with you—without mandatory minimums that inflate your costs.


Stay ahead of cyber threats and attacks

MDR is only the beginning—we help you strengthen your security posture and elevate your response readiness, and more.

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Incident Response

Coalition Incident Response* (CIR) is an affiliate that any organization experiencing a cyber incident can rely on to help recover from cyber attacks. CIR offers forensic specialists and security engineers who respond in minutes, not days.
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Tabletop Exercises

Assess and enhance your organization's preparedness and response capabilities against cyber attacks with simulated, interactive scenarios to roleplay the cyber incidents most likely to occur.
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Technology Assessments

Your company's choice of technologies, implementations, and configurations can leave you vulnerable. Our team will examine your environments to help you better assess and improve their overall security posture.
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Cyber Consultation Services

We can guide you through fundamental cybersecurity measures and best practices with individual cybersecurity assessments, identification of potential vulnerabilities, and implementation recommendations.

Shifting to proactive cybersecurity pays off


reduction in MTTD & MTTR with MDR services**


monitoring, even when your team is offline with MDR services¹


of reported events handled with no cost to the policyholder with CIR¹

<5 minutes

the average response time from CIR¹


Enterprise-grade protection built for small businesses

Our MDR solution includes leading EDR and XDR technologies without the complex agreements and large minimums that typically make them inaccessible for small-to-midsize businesses.

Enterprise-grade EDR and XDR tools for 24/7 digital threat detection and response Expertise that deciphers breaches from anomalies to reduce 
alert fatigue Scalable, cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of your business


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Managed Detection & Response offers Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) as a service. While EDR utilizes technology and tools to monitor, log, and record events from nearly any manner of endpoint activity, MDR can provide the expert threat analysis needed to help contextualize this data and empower teams to take action on the threats that matter most. Perhaps the biggest benefit of MDR versus EDR is that MDR can help speed time-to-detection and time-to-response or remediation, all without adding staff or headcount.

With the proliferation of acronyms in cybersecurity, this is a very common question.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) are tools, technologies, or products that monitor and record or log data from your endpoints (your endpoints are simply the physical devices that connect to and communicate with your network, such as laptops, printers, smartphones, tablets, servers, etc.). EDR tools can enable monitoring, provide visibility into endpoint health, and assist with threat detection, hunting, investigation, and analysis. The key takeaway here is that EDR only enables monitoring of your endpoint data and still requires skilled teams to manage, analyze, and respond.

Extended Detection & Response (XDR) are tools or technologies or products that go beyond endpoint data to ingest or include additional sources of data from anywhere in the security stack, including network, email, cloud, and more, and can potentially unify the view and streamline analysis. The key here is that XDR permits broader data to be included and that both EDR and XDR are tools and capabilities. The key to their efficacy in any cybersecurity application is the people driving them.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR), however, can deliver either EDR or XDR as a service, meaning the provider supplies the skilled expertise to help implement, monitor, analyze, threat hunt, remediate, and respond. Because of the expertise driving the toolsets, most MDR clients should expect a 50% or greater reduction in MTTD and MTTR.

While endpoint data is monitored most often— devices like laptops, printers, smartphones, tablets, and servers—any data across the security stack can be included to extend round-the-clock monitoring and response to data from networks, email, cloud, and more.

Our MDR solution is priced with accessibility and scalability in mind—you won’t see the types of large minimums with MDR. For inquiries, please email us at

One of the best benefits of our MDR solution is the expertise we bring to help you monitor and respond to even the most sophisticated cyber attacks. Data and tools can be helpful, but it’s nearly impossible for a single analyst to keep up with the latest and emerging threat vectors and attacks. Our team lives in real-world cyber attacks every day, and they put that knowledge toward helping our clients respond to cyber attacks faster—or even prevent them and their impact entirely.

Security teams are often inundated with signs, signals, and alerts from any number of tools, making cutting through the noise challenging and often overwhelming. Our team’s expertise is in understanding which signs and signals indicate potential compromise and how to respond and remediate quickly. We help you stay one step ahead of the attacks by alerting you of the risks, vulnerabilities, and signals that others may have missed or ignored

Our team of expert threat hunters employs a collection of technologies to help you better protect your business, including industry-leading EDR and XDR tools like SentinelOne®, enterprise-grade cyber risk management platforms like Coalition Control, and more. We augment our use of these tools with Coalition’s Data Advantage, which brings real-world infosec, incident, and claims data to better inform how you can use these tools to help better protect your business from even the most sophisticated cyber attacks and their impact.

Level up your security with MDR

Speak with one of our experts to see how MDR* and other security services can help you better protect your business.

*Incident response services and Coalition Security Services MDR services are provided by Coalition Incident Response, an affiliate of Coalition, Inc. Incident response services are offered to policyholders as an option via our incident response firm panel. **
¹2023 Claims Report