We are a coalition that works to empower and support Latinos/Latinx in the arts and entertainment fields and grow our representation throughout the current media landscape.

LIMA x Youth Cinema Youth Summit at Youtube Space LA

Our Story

Made up of a community of accomplished brown professionals from all aspects of entertainment, we build pipelines for youth to enter careers in the entertainment industry, and help brown professionals in these fields thrive by providing them with an extensive support network. Latinx are the youngest major racial or ethnic group in the United States with an average age of twenty-eight versus the average age of forty-three for anglos in this country. Our youth are more engaged in politics and their communities than ever before and we are here to empower them. We continue to be underrepresented even though our numbers are large. There are over sixty million Latinx in the United States, yet we make up less than six percent of roles in TV, film and all streaming platforms. As LIMA, we use our collective voice and social capital to amplify issues that are of importance to our community, and activate our networks to support those causes. The Latinx experience is fluid and ever changing. LIMA is carving out our own avenues to ensure every Latinx is represented and supported.

Coalition Leaders

Nick Huff Barili


Award-Winning Journalist & Filmmaker

Yesi Ortiz


Music Director, AMP Radio 97.1

Christina Medina


Vice President of Artist Relations, Billboard