The L.I.M.A Coalition unveils “The LIMA Test” to Address Latinx Representation in Film & TV.


SEPTEMBER 16, 2020

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The L.I.M.A Coalition unveils “The LIMA Test” to Address Latinx Representation in Film & TV. 

Hollywood, CA Sept. 16, — To kick off Hispanic Heritage Month, the L.I.M.A. (Latinx In Media and Arts) Coalition is launching The LIMA Test in the wake of The Television Academy’s lack of nominations for Latinx talent in any of the major categories at this year’s Emmy Awards and a consistent problem with stereotypical and inaccurate representation of our Latinx communities.  

While the answer as to why this segment of the population is overlooked year after year remains complex, Hollywood’s issue with diversity and inclusion remains at the forefront. The L.I.M.A. Coalition has put together The LIMA Test, inspired by the Bechdel test, as a simple measure to ensure Latinx representation in media. 

There are five essential rules to The LIMA Test that anyone looking to make a film or a series (tv or online) that is about or set in the Latinx community, need to adhere to in order to pass: 

  1. Does the script humanize the Latinx community and does not only perpetuate negative stereotypes?
  2. Is the writer(s) and/or director Latinx?
  3. Is there at least ONE leading Latinx character whose contributions are pivotal and will be included in all marketing?
  4. Are roles written as Latinx, being played by or voiced by Latinx actors?
  5. Is the language sensitive to the issues in the Latinx community? (ex. undocumented vs. illegal)

The L.I.M.A. Coalition will be hosting a Livestream later this month with a panel of Latinx talent in front and behind the camera to discuss what’s still very much lacking with regards to accurate representation in spite of the progress the industry has made, The LIMA Test itself, and why it’s needed.

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To be a part of The LIMA Test movement, visit and follow us @TheLIMACoaltion on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


The L.I.M.A Coalition (Latinx in Music & Arts) is dedicated to connecting and elevating Latinx working across all areas of the media and arts industries. They focus on promoting Latinx creatives, increasing access to traditional and new media platforms, providing resources and opportunities, and cultivating the next generation of Latinx entertainment professionals.